Practice Areas

Estate and Trust Administration

Our attorneys offer a full range of estate and trust administration services to individuals and families. We have experience in handling complex estates and trusts. We advise personal representatives, prepare necessary court documentation, assist in re-titling assets, manage the sale and disposition of real property and personal property, and prepare necessary tax filings, including federal and state tax returns and federal and state fiduciary income tax returns. Contact our estate and trust administration attorneys to learn more about our estate and trust administration services.


We represent guardians or potential wards in court-ordered guardianship proceedings. We also offer ongoing representation of guardians after a guardianship is awarded by the court.

Guardianships are legal protections that are put in place for people who are not able to take care of their own affairs. They can be sought on behalf of an allegedly incompetent adult or a minor. Once a guardianship over a person is granted, a guardian controls and protects the person. Guardianship of estate occurs when a guardian controls and protects the estate.

In order for a guardianship to be granted, it is usually necessary to go to court and to offer certain proof of incompetence. People seeking court-ordered guardianship must usually show documents like a physician’s statement as proof.

People often wonder how long it takes to have a guardianship put in place. The length of time varies in different situations. The best way to get an answer in your situation is to talk with an attorney at Beckman Weil Shepardson LLC.