Beckman Weil Shepardson, LLC

By: Alison De Villiers

Nearly every time I am on the road, I see nearby cars drifting into the lane next to them. Inevitably, I see the driver’s head down, looking at a cell phone. Not only is this behavior illegal, it is killing many people every year.

Over 35,000 people died last year in auto crashes. That is the equivalent of 14 plane crashes a week. 94% of those were preventable and caused by human error. Over 32,000 deaths could have been prevented. These numbers are devastating and growing. We can do better.

NPR describes the problem we are having here. This article highlights the many causes of preventable traffic deaths and encourages people to also wear seatbelts and slow down.

This is my plea to you: Please stop looking at your phone while you are driving. Please encourage everyone in your life to do the same. Put your phone in your purse, glovebox, or pocket and don’t take it out until you are parked. There are too many families grieving because of deaths that could have been prevented.