Many people assume that in order to get the best legal service, they need to go to the largest law firms in town.  However, now, more than ever, consumers in every industry are demanding more for their money, and this is true for those seeking legal services.  Clients are increasingly turning to small and medium sized law firms to satisfy their legal needs. This trend is attributable to a number of factors, the most important of which are:

  1. The responsiveness of the attorneys.
  2. The expertise.
  3. The efficiency.

A primary difference between the services offered by a small, or medium size, law firm and a large firm is the attorneys themselves. Unless the case is worth a significant amount of money, a client to a large firm attorney may be just one of many clients demanding a portion of that attorney’s time. However, smaller firms are uniquely positioned to provide specialized attention to each client’s matter. Big or small, cases involving sensitive legal matters directly affect the client’s life in a significant way. As such, it is critical to build a personal relationship with your attorney so they can begin to deeply understand you and the background of your case, while working with you over time. This attention to detail ensures that your voice will be heard at every step in the process. Direct communication with a specific attorney at a small or medium size firm, like Beckman Weil Shepardson LLC, is never more than a phone call away.

Clients benefit tremendously from the specialized knowledge offered at a small to medium sized firm. At Beckman Weil Shepardson LLC, our attorneys have specialized knowledge in many areas, including Personal Injury, Medicaid Planning, Estate Planning, Corporate Law, Employment Law, and Elder Law. While the infinitely long list of diverse legal services offered by larger firms can look impressive on paper, the client will be better served by a firm that not only does what the client needs, but does it very well.

The tremendous overhead of large firms allows smaller firms to capitalize on highly personalized legal services for a substantially lower cost. Clients do not want to pay for wasted time, and the hierarchy that exists in large firms – requiring that each decision on a case be reviewed by multiple attorneys at all levels of the firm – is virtually eliminated at small and medium size law firms. Smaller firms care about getting the clients matter resolved to the client’s satisfaction in the most efficient way possible.

Selecting a law firm to handle matters of extreme personal importance can be a difficult decision. However, small and medium size firms offer the client-centric, low cost, and effective approach that many clients are looking for. Small firms can offer the same talent level as many large firms, but their maneuverability within the legal market and their uniquely personalized approach give small and medium size firms an edge against large firms.